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Creative Giving Challenge # 1:Raid Your Kitchen!

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Before you cook that turkey for Thanksgiving or plan your Black Friday Christmas shopping, go to your kitchen and prepare to raid your refrigerator and pantry. Go to the pantry first with an empty cardboard box and put any canned goods that you don't plan to use in the next 2 months. This food is to be given to your local food pantry. Once the box is full,  label it and put it in the back seat or trunk of your car and take as soon as possible to your nearest food bank. You can find your closest food bank at Feeding America's website.The next part of "..your mission should you decide to accept it...,"
 is to raid your refrigerator. Be sure to get rid of any food in your fridge or freezer that you suspect might be bad and throw it out! This time go through your food and check to see if it can be used in a casserole or other recipes that you can cook and freeze ahead and take to a sick fruend or neighbor , or to an elderly friend who might need company and a good meal, or to a funeral or other occasion. If you find some odd ingredients, many recipe websites such as Krafts, Allrecipes, and food,com have a search by ingredient feature. Go and let me know what happens!

PS. Don't forget to enter the charity video contest!

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