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                       Christmas is just around the corner. It's amazing how much nicer everybody is to each other during this season, with the exception of shopping crowds :D!  Why can't we be a little kinder all through the year. Here are a just a few ways that we can ;

  1. Give Back -  There are lots of ways to give back to your community and to the world that are free and inexpensive. There are several posts throughout this blog that will tell you how to do so, these are just a few examples ; A, B, C, D, E, F
  2.  Just Be Kind  Whether it's a Random Act of Kindness or just smiling at a neighbor or the people you meet each day-or saying a kind word. It can really make a difference in someone's life.
  3. Lend an Ear    Sometimes all someone needs for a person to listen to them. 
  4. Develop an "Attitude of Gratitude"    Whether we list our blessings in a journal as Oprah suggested or just become more aware of them, it can change our perspective and how we relate to others. 
  5. Put Someone Else First   One of my favorite Acronyms from childhood is J-O-Y(Jesus first, others second, yourself last)/. Putting others first can be as simple as playing with your child when you have a lot of chores to do(they'll keep),or letting others ahead of you in line or in traffic. Don't wait until Christmas to call or write friends and family.
  6. Take A Moment For You   Whether it's to set aside time for prayer, or just to relax and breathe. It can help you throughout each day.

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