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Best Military & Veterans Charities

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                      Here are some of the top rated military and veterans charities according to Charity Navigator (for the rest of the list see the Charity Navigator page in the link above) ; 

 for Wounded veterans;


for Military; 

               If you are looking for a way to support the United States soldiers, military families and veterans; these are some of the best options. Let me know what you think of this post in the comment section below.

related ; Local men to kayak over 500 miles for veterans charity Team River Runner. 

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Autism Awareness Month Starts Today

April is Autism Awareness Month. These are my posts about Autism;

Petsmart's "Buy A Bag, Give A Meal"



            During 2017, Petsmart is giving away a meal to an animal shelter or similar charity for every bag of cat and dog food that is sold online, through autoship, and in-store. To find out more information, go to Petsmart's program website.


             If you have a cat or dog, this is just an easy way to provide for them and for animals in need.

Amazon search;"cHARITY ."

Anonymous Commenters, Who Are You?

We are anonymous - 2013-12-28 00-19

                      Anonymous commenters, who are you?

 Could you please give some initials in the comment form, even if they are fake? It would be a great help to me in sorting out the spam from the valid comments.  Thank you. 

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