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Change the world in just your pyjamas!

'Help From Home' is an altruistic grassroots based initiative that provides information on easy, no commitment volunteering opportunities for people who don't want to get out of their favourite chair or even their favourite pyjamas to perform them. Most of the actions will cost nothing or very little to complete and take no more than 30 minutes to accomplish – some can even be performed in under 10 seconds and all from the comfort of your own home!

There are over 450 easy home based volunteering opportunities listed on the site and they are designed for people who don't want the commitment that goes with volunteering nor the impact it has on their time and finances. There are 3 main categories of easy actions to choose from, each one having the potential to benefit all sorts of worthy causes. Here's just a brief taster of what's included on the website:

Good Causes – Helping charities and worthy causes
- Feed a starving person for free with a simple click of the mouse.
- Make a very seriously ill child smile with just a letter or an email.
- Play games that donate to charities for free
- Install free software to help fight cancer with your pc.

'Green' Actions – Tackling environmental and energy issues
- Lower pc power consumption by using free software.
- Save the rainforests by planting a tree for free just by using a search engine.
- Donate your excess food, plants and seeds to be redistributed to needy causes.
- Help predict climate change with your pc

Advocacy Actions – Highlighting injustices and wrongdoings
- Posters for Peace. Print them out and display them somewhere prominently
- Send a pre-written email to a decision maker on global poverty
- Join a Virtual March on global warming
- Boycott socially irresponsible companies

If you've ever felt like helping out a worthy cause, but didn't want to leave your home to do it, then Help From Home's website might be just the answer. Put those pyjamas on and change the world. It's so easy to do!

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