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Alzheimer's Disease Must Be Stopped!!!


I'm trying to raise awareness for Alzheimer's Disease research through a blog contest on my blog guest.

My father was a veteran who's last battle was with Alzheimer's disease. He had to retire early from retail business due to Alzheimer's. Although he had some confusion and wandered some, although with his family nearby. He was mostly content and very child-like.
                       I'd love to dance, talk, say " I love you" or do anything with my father again, but I can't on this side of heaven. Please donate or raise awareness so that one day, no one will have to deal with Alzheimer's ever again:

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Another Blog Award!!!!


                                 Applause For A Cause Was recently honored with another blog award. This time the award comes from Glass Dining Tables. Please visit the site. I appreciate the honor very much. 
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