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A Dozen (or So) Free Ways To Make A Difference

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A Dozen (or So) Free Ways To Make A Difference

&1. Volunteer at a local or favorite charity.2. Post a video or blog link or comment here in the comment box about why you think your favorite charity is important.3. Visit a free click to donate page such as; Care2=Click to Donate - Free donations for rainforest, primates, pets, and more!or use either Goodsearch and/orSearch Kindlyas your search website to raise funds for your favorite cause. You can also promote 4 geat causes at using their widget.4. Play a vocabulary game on Free Rice to give rice to the hungry.5. Send emails(assuming you have one if you are reading this) to your local, state, and national leaders regarding laws about causes/issues you believe in.6. If you like my blog and want to help me make a difference, please press the Yahoo buzz button and/or add me toyour Technorati favorites through the button on my sidebar.7. If you have a similar blog or website, post the link in my comments box and I will try to mention you in a blog entry soon and/or link to it in the Hall of Fame.8.The Give List has a list of 71 ways to give without spending any money. Please check it out.9.Join a charity team listed at's Team Challenge page and you can search and play games to earn points for a charity. Donations are given to the charities selected by the top ranking teams each month. I created The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Team page .10. Want to send an email of thanks or encouragement for a US soldier? Then, please visit eMailOurMilitary11. Have a lot of things you no longer use but are still good, but don't want the hassle of doing a yard sale? There are other options;a. Give them to a charity thrift store such as Goodwill or Salvation Army(plus if the items are of any value, you can get a tax deduction).b. Give and receive things at Freecycle™.org12. Donate blood to a local blood bank if you are able(some medical issues or religous restrictions may not allow it).

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