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Plinky prompt-"Here, have a million dollars "

Plinky asks this hypothetical question:"You have to give away a million dollars. How and why?" 1. I'd give at least 25 K to church-because God asks for at least 10 percent.

2. I'd give about 25 K to my family and friends-especially the ones in direst need-because charity begins at home.

3. The rest would be divided among 2 or so favorite local, national or international charities,
ones that I've researched and know are honest and deserving(for example the Bubel Aiken Foundation and UNICEF), because it's the right thing to do.
I'd love to be able to give it all to one charity or some to a lot of charities, but at least this way it would be evenly divided and you'd do the most good for the most people and organizations, without neglecting home and church.

So, what's your answer?


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