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National Teachers' League?

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 This post is a little off topic today. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate athletes even though I'm not very athletic myself; but it just shows how American values are turned upside down when professional athletes are praised and paid more than the teachers in our public schools(Okay, I'm a little biased, my mother is a retired special ed. teacher :). ). If teachers were paid and evaluated like professional athletes, our children would get a much richer education and be better prepared for the workplace and college.  If there were corporate sponsors to sponsor teachers and let the parents, students and peers rate them(there are good and bad in every profession and it might help encourage the ones who aren't rated highly to try harder.), perhaps we could get somewhere. Maybe even produce something like baseball cards for the best teachers. Of course, some of this probably will never happen-but some parts already are. If you dream, why not dream big?

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