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Remembering Africa This ThanksGiving

  •    If we have food on the table and a roof over our head this Thanksgiving, we should consider ourselves blessed. There are children in Africa (in America, too)and around the world who do not know where their next meal is coming from or even if it will come. Do Good recommends that we skip a meal and donate the money you would have spent towards helping children in Africa(Check with your doctor before doing a complete fast-a partial fast will do if you have diabetes and want to avoid hypoglycemia). Skipping a meal during the week before Thanksgiving or Christmas might be good.  A typical meal eaten in a restaurant costs anywhere from 4 dollars per person to 20 dollars or more each. For less than 20 dollars, you can donate enough funds to UNICEF to buy over 500 packets of nutritional powder or nearly 25 dollars for 500 High Energy Biscuits for children in need. The amount that we spend for a restaurant meal will provide several meals for needy children. Wouldn't you feel better knowing that a child or family can eat than to spend the same amount in a restaurant? 
    •  Another idea is that you could invite a group of friends to a covered dish dinner and ask for donations to UNICEF or another charity that helps aid hungry children in Africa and other third world countries.
      •   Still another idea is to request or make donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays.  You can also buy soft toys for young children at IKEA and the proceeds go to UNICEF.
      •  This post is in response to another blog post on Seeded Buzz.I am a member of SeededBuzz 

         So what are you doing for your local community and the world today? Please post a comment or send an email to let me know. 



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