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Easy Ways to Make A Huge Difference During The Holidays or Anytime

Knit for charity | July 13, 2011
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  • If there is a nursing home, children's home, or a home for children with special needs, consider "adopting " them this season as a family, group or individual(not in a literal sense). Then, visit them and consider giving a small gift such as socks or something else(first check with the center as to what they are allowed to have)
  • If you are in a church choir or school choir, ask the choir director if the group can go caroling at a local nursing or children's home.
  • The Ronald McDonald House collects tabs from Coke cans. Consider saving those and dropping them by your local Ronald McDonald House when you have a substantial amount.  
  • If you knit, crochet or do any type of sewing; there are charities in need of your skills; for abandoned babies, for US troops, and other charities

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