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Reece's Rainbows: The Voice of Orphans with Special Needs Throughout the World

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 There are a lot of sad stories and charities that tug at your heartstrings and purse-strings, but a story featuring  Ukraine Orphans with Down Syndrome being placed in a mental institution with adults at the ages of 4 and 5 really got to me. As much as I'd like to be able to adopt one of these children, I'm not at a place in my life where I can. There are lots of ways to help Reece's Rainbows Adoption Ministry help these children without adopting or giving money on their site, but if you are able there are contacts for that on their website as well. Reece's Rainbow has a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger, too.
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Updated: Honor Society to "Rock The Red Kettle" For Salvation Army

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 Honor Society, once a warm up act 2 years ago for The Jonas Brothers, is now joining the Salvation Army for the second time on the "Rock The Red Kettle" tour.  
 See the link above for more info on the tour. Not only are the band members of Honor Society helping rase awareness for the Salvation Army's Kettle Campaig, but the Salvation Army blog states that they frequently volunteer and make surprise visits at their centers. Volunteering at centers in your area, donating and buying items at the thrift stores, going to a concert on this tour, volunteering to ring a bell for donations or even setting up an online kettle are ways that you can help the Salvation Army help others in need. You can also donate to Salvation Army through my online kettle.

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Prince William breaks into dance at charity event - CBS News Video

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Prince William
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Prince William breaks into dance at charity event - CBS News Video

  As reported by CBS News, Prince William was seen dancing at a charity event for a homeless shelter. He and his wife Kate had attended the event on December 21st, 2011. Centrepoint had been one of the late Princess Diana's favorite causes and now is among Prince William's favorite causes, as well. 

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