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World Cerebral Palsy Day

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 Today is a special day. Even though I have minimal Cerebral Palsy, I didn't know about World Cerebral Palsy Day until today. It is an event celebrated on the first Tuesday of September, beginning this year.  The website for World Cerebral Palsy Day is taking your ideas for improving the lives of those with Cerebral Palsy. All you have to do is register on the site, submit your idea with a description that takes 1 minute or less and registered members can vote on different ideas. The best ideas are chosen and may be used or developed  on the following year's World CP Day by chosen experts.So get going and spread the word- the submission and voting will only last 36 more days this year! Stumbo Family Story

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  2. I also didn't know about World Cerebral Palsy Day until I found out about it through the Cerebral Palsy Family Network Facebook page! I for one hope that awareness about World CP Day increases over the next year and gets larger and larger further down the road.

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