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Local Fall Walkathons Benefit Heart Association and Diabetes Organization

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 Walkathons aren't just a great goal if you're trying to get in shape or do something active with family and friends, but is a terrific way to raise funds for causes that you believe in.  Even though I'm a bit of a couch potato(reforming), I have participated in the local diabetes walkathon before. It just requires some preplanning to be able t walk 3 or so miles if you haven't ben doing that much activity.

               On Saturday, October 16th at the ATT Field,   ,
The American Heart Association 2010 Tennessee Valley Start! Heart Walk will begin at noon. You can see more info about this and other charity events here at .
       The Step Out  Walk to Fight Diabetes wll be held at the Chattanooga Zoo   on November 6th   at 9 A.M.  You can find more info at the American Diabetes Association website.
          If you aren't in the Chattanooga area, please check out the American Heart Association's website and the American Diabetes Association's website . 
Thank you
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