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Creative Giving Challenge #3:An Extra Week-What Will You Do?

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Occasionally a year will have 53 Weeks, but most have 52 to 52 and a half.  I just looked at the calendar on my cell phone today and it listed 53 full weeks. Granted that the 53rd comes between Christmas and New Year's Eve, how will you spend your extra week? You could spend a few hours of the week volunteering at a local charity or have an extra week to send donations in in time for an IRS deduction. These are a few ideas. Most folks will be busy celebrating the holidays and entertaining friends and family-   My challenge is not to spend the whole week volunteering or donating but at least a few hours or even 1 day of the week. We don't often get extra time, but here is one of the ways that we do. Remember that when I challenge you-I also challenge myself. So what will you do? I'm not sure what I will do yet. Please let me know in the comments.How have you done with the past 2 challenges/ Did you finish them? It's okay if you didn't do them on time- but these are projects to inspire you and me to give more. I didn't finish the last one. I've had a really bad cold for nearly a week- but I'm going to catch up when I'm feeling better.

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Top 10. Charity Paperbacks on Amazon

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;   Thanks to Daily Blog Tips for your blog post ideas. This post was inspired by you.  These are the top Charity paperbacks on Most are available as a Kindle book for about half the paperback price. There are a few children's books in the list. I haven't read any of these yet but I have heard a lot of good things about Three Cups of Tea From top to bottom, here are the books that made the list; 

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Extreme Home Makeover Show Stand Together Against Bullying

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
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               In the latest episode of Extreme Home Makeover, the crew helps a family  not only with a new home, but to take a stand against bullying. The Walker's son was a young bullying victim. They joined the movement "Stand Together" to fight against bullying. You can join the effort, too, by going to . When you register, they will give you a number in a pdf file. Then you take a picture of yourself with your number and upload it to the site.  Kids and others are bullied for a variety of reasons; size(being either larger or smaller than their peers), race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and other various reasons. Most experts say that the reason someone bullies another person is that it gives the bully a temporary feeling of being superior .


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