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Let's Retire The Word- "Retard "

  1.      "Retard" and other derogatory terms that refer to children and adults with disabilities should be banned or retired from our vocabulary. People who have disabilities are no different from the rest of us,  they just have a few different challenges .


 For more info, check out

    3.       Some terms to replace the r word and similar terms via the National Inclusion Project
                    People First Language



Making Summer Better for You Your Family and the World

"Summer" by Kevin Dooley


                    Imagine it's the end of June and you have a family.  Your kids have already told you, "I'm bored" 50 to 100 times. You want to give back and volunteer, but home and work  just cut into your time and money.  So, what are your options? Here are a few, from the simple to complex in random order(some may have to be in planning stages this summer in order to do them the next year)     


USFWS Mountain-Prairie

        This option is not for you if you have young children or don't have a lot of vacation time. A few links to check out if you are interested;  


2. Volunteer locally 

Join and search  VolunteerMatch to find opportunities sorted by distance and/or interest.

3. Host an exchange student 
World travel and communications recorded on Twitter
photo by Eric Fischer

   This requires a commitment of 10 to 12 months, but it can be very worthwhile for you, your family, as well as the student. My family hosted a student from Germany and one from the Netherlands  via Face The World over 5 years ago.  To learn more, look at these links;

4. Take on 1 charity project and do it with your relatives , church or neighborhood
Hand 1
By Sannita [CC-BY-SA-3.0 

( or 
GFDL (],
 via Wikimedia Commons 

              A lemonade stand for children with cancer, a canned food drive(food banks typically get more donors around Winter), a carnival or any of these cool ideas: Summer Charity Projects for Kids - ABC News

 5. Use a search provider that gives to a favorite cause

              by wikipedia

                      You use the web to search for fun or work, why not 
make each search add up to some good by using Dailygood by Goodsearch or to raise funds for a favorite charity?

6. Donate a fan

            Donate a new or  gently used fan to the Salvation Army.
Summer Comments Pictures

        So what do you think of these? Want to try one or more of these or do you have any better ideas? Please let me know in the comments below or @Appls4aCause and use the hashtag #bettersummer.  

photo outline  

Want to check out some summer fashions;

Summer Casual


Help Your Favorite Charity With A Personal PSA

This was originally posted in 2010



This isn't for the professional media makers or fundraisers, but a chance for the everyday man or woman to showcase themselves and their favorite charity. Without breaking any confidentiality, describe in a video, photo slideshow your favorite charity and why you chose it. Photobucket, Youtube , or other sites might be helpful places to upload your media(you can even submit a blog post and if I select it-I will link back).
Here's a couple video examples;

This one's about UNICEF & The Bubel/Aiken Foundation(now called the National Inclusion Project.);

This first post might be helpful in showing you what I'm looking for

          I can always use a good guest post, too.
If you post a link in the comments, I will select a few of these videos and guest posts to display in this blog. Also mention any blogs or social media that you might have.

THANK YOU.  Now go and create some incredible PSA's and guest posts, and share them with me, please.

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