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Volunteer Work Gives Job Experience for Teens

Samsung volunteer club
Samsung volunteer club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Volunteer work can be one easy way for teens to plump up their resume.




          While there aren't always many job opportunities for first-time employees, charities always need volunteers of all ages. It can give teens an experience in working and perhaps a sense of career direction. Although there isn't a paycheck involved, there are other benefits. There are several sources for teens and parents to find volunteer work in there area. Among these are; VolunteerMatch ,   Teen Life, and United Planet

Bite-sized Benevolence for Businesses. Who To Shake A Stick At?

Volunteers fit new windows at The Sumac Centre...
Volunteers fit new windows at The Sumac Centre in Nottingham, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Bite-sized Benevolence for Businesses. Who To Shake A Stick At?


                   We are in the midst of organizing the second International Microvolunteering Day, to be held on 15th April, 2015. This years theme focuses on encouraging firms to integrate microvolunteering into their CSR / employee volunteering programme. We've noticed a growing trend of firms wanting to integrate unskilled microvolunteering actions into their CSR projects, the main reason behind this being that unskilled microvolunteering can be participated by employees from the Cleaner to the CEO, whereas skilled microvolunteering is more exclusive to a select few. We want to reach out to businesses with this new trend, and are appealing to you kind folk for some help with the following: - we'll be writing an article on this new trend that incorporates info on Microvolunteering Day
                    . Do you know of any CSR / business aligned publications that we can contact to get this article published on their platform? - if you're part of an employee volunteering programme, are you able to encourage your fellow employees to participate in some unskilled microvolunteering on April 15th? See the 'For Employees' section on the Microvolunteering Day website. Let us know if you'll be doing something - do you know of any CSR aligned forums. If you're a member of one, are you able to spread awareness of the Bite-sized Benevolence for Buisnesses focus of Microvolunteering Day? Alternatively, can you pass on some links to these CSR / employee volunteering forums. We'd be very grateful of any contributions you can pass on. Thanks so much in advance for your help.


Challenge 2015




#Challenge2015 United Kingdom's Prime Minister's "Points of Light" Award February 2015 winners: 

The Points of Light award recognizes outstanding individuals - people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. ****Mike Bright (Cardiff, Wales) Mike helps people to “change the world in their pajamas” through quick and easy volunteering opportunities on the ‘microvolunteering’ website he started, and is CEO of: www.Help from Home .org The site lists more than 800 ways for participants to volunteer from their own home and in their own time. So far over 10,000 people have volunteered through the site. This year Mike is encouraging people to give up 2015 seconds to volunteering as part of his #Challenge2015 campaign. ---------International Micro-Volunteering Day April 15, 2015

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