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Gaming that Gives Back

                               From Free Rice to Child's Play, there are a lot of ways on the web that gamers can give back . Most of them free and others can cost anywhere from a few dollars to much more(depending on the donor's choice. ) ; 

  1. Free Rice                                                                                                     
    is mostly a vocabulary game that for every  correct answer a user gives they win grains of rice for people in need through the World Food Programme.                                                                                           
  2. Child's Play   

is a charity that provides video games and equipment and other items to sick children in h select children's hospitals throughout the USA. Many avid gamers plan events  online and off 12 months a year to raise funds. You can help this charity by money donations and by donating through their wish lists. 

3. Iwon Team Challenge

is a site where registered gamers can use virtual coins that they win by playing certain Iwon games and searching the web. Users can join existing teams, such as mine for the National Inclusion Project, or create one if their favorite charity isn't listed. The teams with the most coins at the end of each month win up to 5,000 dollars for their charity.

 4. Games That Give.Net                                                                                                     combines gaming with corporate sponsors to raise funds for various charities. You choose the facebook games based on the charity that you choose, such as the Breast Cancer Site.

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