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Cynthia Jean Coleman's Holiday Wish | Causes Wishes

National Inclusion ProjectImage via WikipediaCynthia Jean Coleman's Holiday Wish | Causes Wishes

I am trying to raise 100 dollars for the National Inclusion Project before 2010 is over. Please help by donating at least 10 dollars at the Facebook Causes' link above. Thank you.

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Chrome For A Cause

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...
Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                  Here's another free and easy way to give back; with the Chrome for A Cause extension, and Google will donate your tabs at the end of the day to one of five causes; The Nature Conservancy, charity:water, Doctors Without Borders, Un Techo para mi País, and Room to Read.

Use Your My Coke Reward Points to give to Toys For Tots

2009-12-31_RimRockHi115_AImage by PDQuesnell via Flickr
If you have been saving up My Coke Reward points from the codes inside the cartons and in the caps of Coke products, for a special treat; you can also use a portion of those to help give toys to children in need this holiday season by donating points here
on the My Coke Rewards page. That's another simple way to give back without spending a lot of money.
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