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charitybuzz | Disaster in the Gulf: Support the Waters Through charitybuzz!

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Charity Auction + Telethon for the Gulf is held by Charitybuzz and Larry King Live

charitybuzz | Disaster in the Gulf: Support the Waters Through charitybuzz!

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Welcome to Applause For A Cause-Updated 2 times

(New Living Translation)from Bible

" 7 You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully" "

This is a place for everyone to have around 15 minutes, more or less of fame to promote awareness for your favorite cause. One person can't do everything for all charities or even 1 charity, but we can all do our part, whether it's a big task or small-all are greatly appreciated.
Please post a video on this blog's photobucket group page

  , a comment here, or a link to a blog about your favorite charity. Please place it here in the comments or email me at . No spam or scams., please.
Examples for comments/videos/blog posts could be;
"I'm John Doe(use your name or a user name) and I think charity x(or your charity name) is a star-worthy cause because...... .
(Or even better, if you are a volunteer at the charity and have permission to shoot a video; show some examples of the work and/or services that the charity does/provides). Video length should be about 15 minutes or less.
1.Charity must really exist(no scamming or pleas for personal aid). It is preferable that the charity has some kind of accreditation; either national or state licenses, or listed at or .
2.All comments, videos and assorted content must be PG or G rated language and etcetera.
3. The blog author reserves the right of choice whether or not to feature or not feature a charity or related content on this blog.
4. No repeats of the same person for the same charity, but once a month, by comment or email.
THANK YOU! We can work together to make a difference in our world. I look forward to hearing from you! I will probably feature 1-3 or so charities/ and related content per blog entry-and I'm going to try to blog here at least 1-3 time(s) per month.
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