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My Birthday Wish- Raising $ 420 for The National Inclusion Project

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My forty-second birthday is coming up on January 30th this year and I'm hoping to raise 420 dollars for the National Inclusion Project through Facebook Causes. The National Inclusion Project supports camps and programs that serve to unite children with special needs with children without special needs.

Will you give 42 dollars or whatever you can afford to help me reach this goal? Thank you.

What Will You Do To Help Haiti?

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What are you doing to help Haiti after the recent earthquake? Have you donated yet or planning to donate to a reliable charity? Are you blogging about it or mentioning the subject in social media? For more info on the subject, please visit my other blog, CCol4him's Claymania

Support the Haiti Disaster Relief Effor

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This Blog Is Back in Business!

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For a few days, this blog has not been working. It wouldn't show a new post except on my feed and the editor. It could have been my fault, as I've been doing a
bit of experimenting with it. I tried a different comment system and it didn't go so well-so I tried to revert back to Blogger's system. I had to pick a new template in order for a new post to show. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

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