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Charity:Water Earns Dough From Ayssa Milano's Tweets

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According to the Planet Green website, the actress Alyssa Milano has used her twitter account to raise nearly 100, 000 dollars for charity:water. The charity funds clean water for third world countries.


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If you got to start a charity, what would it be & why?

If I got to start a charity today, it would help people who can't get health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Maybe start a clinic or hospital where major businesses could donate money and family or friends of the patients would volunteer. It would not be costly for the patient-I would seek grants and other ways of funding the charity. Why is this important/ There are people who aren't getting the health care that they need and maybe dying too soon or living with illnesses that might have been preventable. I once was one of the uninsured.

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Chattanooga Musicians To Perform Benefit Concert For Haiti

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The Chattanooga Choo Choo, on Track 29Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

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Several local musicians are performing a benefit concert for Haiti on Feb. 20th. An article on has the full information on the concert. To find the address and info for Lindsay Street Hall, where the event will be held, please click here

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