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End of Year and Donations

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Because December 31st is the end of the year, the next few days of 2009 are a great time for Americans to donate to their favorite charities and receive a tax deduction by April 2010 or so.

There are some great charity links among the Applause4acause Hall of Fame or you can choose one or more of your favorites.

Do you have any ideas or recommendations for the ApplaUSe For A Cause blog for next year? Would you like to do a guest post to write about a favorite charity?

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"Sweet" Facebook Game Benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research HospitalImage by ginnerobot via Flickr


                               If  you are a Facebook user, you can help St. Jude to take care of some children with cancer and other diseases. The hospital welcomes them no matter what the family's income may be.All it takes is to play a game where you run a virtual candy shop and give free candy to friends who also play the game. Of course, you are encouraged to use real money to buy virtual candy and help St. Jude, but there's no obligation. The app is called Willy's Sweet Shop , 
and it is a sweet way to make a difference!

P.S. There is a similar facebook  app that also raises funds for St. Jude, called O Christmas Tree

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