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Reason for the Name Change

The reason that I changed the blog's name on the headline a little is that there is another great site
called Applause For A Cause in Australia
. According to the Australian site, their vision is; "Applause for a Cause is dedicated to charitable fund-raising through the staging and production of world-standard arts and theatre events. Our primary focus is on Jewish arts and culture, although we seek to raise funds for charitable organisations across the cultural, religious and social spectrum. Thus, our goals are two-fold. Firstly, we seek to introduce a broader audience to Jewish arts and culture and to bridge the cultural divide between Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. Secondly, we hope to mobilize the Jewish community in helping to raise funds for charitable organisations from all walks of life through performing. The Applause for a Cause vision is to create an annual cultural week whereby an umbrella of entertainers such as musicians, comedians, art galleries, inspirational speakers, etc can perform for charity. Applause for a Cause believes in creating leadership in the community, a sense of responsibility, and above all, passion amongst the younger generation toward the raising of charitable funds."

Thank you for your patience during the name change.

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Please join the Blogging For Inclusion Team

A group of bloggers are uniting together this month to raise funds and promote awareness for the National Inclusion Project. You can join us, as well, by writing a blog entry about the Organization & Inclusion and posting a link to this blog in the comments. To find out more about Blogging For Inclusion 2009, please check out my other blog at CCol4him's Claymania .
Please place the following banners in your blog post(the top banner links to the National Inclusion Project website):

Please Support The National Inclusion Project!
You can also donate for the National Inclusion Project on Facebook-whether or not you are a Facebook user

Here's a great video montage about the National Inclusion Project;


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