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Time to Go Back to School!

Goodbye Summer

       Summer is nearly over and here comes the time that some students and teachers dread- "Back To School" time.  Here are some ways to be prepared for school and to be charitable, as well. (If you like this post, please comment and share).

  • Before you or your kids head to school on the first day, brush up on your vocabulary at while earning grains of rice for the poor.
  • If you want to buy clothes or school supplies online, a charity of your choice can earn a percentage of your bill when you use GoodSearch or iGive 
  • Some cities, such as Chattanooga, TN, have "Stuff the Bus" events where you can donate supplies to teachers for them to give to students in need.  Other places have clothing drives or pack a backpack drives
  • There are programs such as Donors Choose where you can help fund classroom projects in your area or another area. 
  • If you use Microsoft's Bing search regularly, you can donate points earned toward Teach For America . The site also has a program called Bing in the Classroom, where teachers can find lesson plans based on Bing's homepage.  In the past, you could donate Bing points toward a computer for your school.
  • Some acts of kindness for school are;  eat lunch with someone new, bring a treat or thank you note for a bus driver, and put up positive quotes or messages on the bathroom mirrors. These were found on a Pinterest pin by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  Another idea is when you pack a special treat in a child's lunch, give them 2 with a note to give the second treat to a friend. 
  • Check to see if your school or classroom is participating in programs like BoxTop(s For Education  or  Campbell's Labels For Education (The site has this note: "As of August 1, 2016, only UPCs with the Labels for Education logo will be accepted and redeemed for points into registered schools’ bank account. We have begun the process of removing the logo and expect there will be a limited number of products that contain these labels in stores through August 1, 2017. Once all Labels for Education logos have been removed from the products, UPCs will no longer be accepted. The banked points schools have accumulated will not be affected. ")
  • Now, you and your child should be ready for school and feel good about yourselves if you tried at least one of these things.

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