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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Bloghop

      September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year, my nephew's nephew(by marriage) is fighting leukemia. The hard part is that he isn't even two-years-old, yet. I haven't known many children with cancer, personally- but I have known and know adults with cancer. Here are some ways you can help this month ; :
Donate to your favorite or local childhood cancer charity, such as St Baldrick's or St. Jude
Join St. Baldrick's Social Media campaign- post photos and statuses about children's cancer using tags - #KidsAreGold, #StBaldricks, and #ISupportCCAM.

Mindi the Magnificent:

if you can,Donate blood, . If not, encourage others.
Have a lemonade stand fundraiser 4 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Wear a gold ribbon this month( You can search "childhood cancer awareness month " photos on Creative Commons Search and use the photos allowed for your social media profiles.)

That Mama Gretchen:

Write to your local representatives.
Get in the know.. Get educated about childhood cancer. Research online and at your local library.
Do something Visit or volunteer at your local children's hospital and/or your local Ronald McDonald House.

Mommy Snippets :
If you know a family that is facing childhood cancer, offer support. Money or gift cards, meals, cards and letters, and care packages are great! If you don't know anyone facing this, the blog author recommends the Facebook page for the Lane Goodwin Foundation. 
Pray, Pray, Pray. Pray for the families facing this now and pray for cures to be found soon.

Another site that has ideas for celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is  The Dylan Earven Foundation.

         So what are you going to do for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? There are several things listed above and on the blog links- just pick a few and let me know in the comment box.

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