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Support US Troops

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  • The following charities aid US servicemen and women in need*:            
  1.  The USO 
  2. Veterans of Foreign Wars
  3.  Fisher House
  4. Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors 
  5. Operation Hero Miles
  6. American Red Cross
  7. The Salvation Army
  8. EMOM(Email Our Military)
  9. Adopt Our Troops(in Prayer) by the Presidential Prayer Team)
* Many of these charity links came from a US News article linked here.

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Goya and The United Way Fundraising to Fight Hunger

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Goya is celebrating its 75th Anniversary by collaborating with United Way in providing 1 million pounds of food to various food banks and soup kitchens to aid in hunger relief. To find out more check the following post on Fundraising / Charity Ideas

Goya and The United Way Fundraising to Fight Hunger

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