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Happy 5th Birthday, FreeRice!

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English: FreeRice logo, taken directly from ht...English: FreeRice logo, taken directly from Image is not subject to copyright as it strictly consists of text only, however it is subject to trademark laws. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme i...English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme in SVG format (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrate 5 years fighting hunger with

          This week is Free Rice's 5th birthday. The website began as a vocabulary game that gives so many grains of rice per correct answer to people in need sitehrough the United Nations World Food Programme  . As the Free Rice site  has grown and become more popular, there have been more languages and subjects added. Also, as of this week the program has fed over 5 million people. Now, through October 7th, 2012; you can celebrate FreeRice's birthday by signing up with the site and visiting their birthday page for more info.

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